Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Beatiful reviews written by a bluebird flight academy student.

I am David Lawer, I am working as first officer in one of the leading Malaysian Airlines company. Thanks to Blue Bird Flight Academy, which helped me to pursue my dreams to fly high and make a comfortable career of commercial pilot. I remember the first day when I visited this institute with a view to find out how this institute is and whether it would be worthy to go for a CPL program here in Blue Bird. With little interaction and a peep inside the school really helped me know that I am at the right place for my said training. 

The program I pursued for my commercial pilot license program was intense and comprehensive and in just 7-8 months I was able to achieve my set goals, which opened up the gates to a lucrative career of flying commercial flights. Though I had covered by PPL at some other institute, but now I regret for not joining this course too at Blue Bird. All my ideas and concepts pertaining to flying and the technical stuff were clear here. Thanks to the competent and experienced instructors found here, which left no stone unturned to train me as per my whims and fancies. 

The environment here is very much friendly and congenial, thanks to the decent staff and instructors, which together groom and trains the pilot students in one of the best ways. I remember, all my co-students are now well placed with successful completion of their commercial pilot license program. So, friends, I highly recommend BlueBird Flight Academy as the number one flying school in Canada. Go for it for having some of the best and lucrative career in commercial flying.



  1. After a long time you have again published bluebird flight academy reviews. Great!!!

  2. Blue Bird Flight Academy is the best place to start a flying career.

  3. Training at bluebird aviation is a very smart move