Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Finding training programs the best in Aviation sector

Aviation is among the best sectors in the world, which offer lucrative career for people keen to make career as commercial pilot. In order to excel in this domain, you are supposed to choose the right training program, in any of the recognized institute found in your area. A good institute with array of competent instructors, right infrastructure and quality fleet can really make the difference in catering some of the best training in aviation sector. A right training program in aviation sector can really make the difference. Well, let’s check out some of the best ways, which can help in choosing the right training program for you.

A right institute for your aviation career

Aviation school is known to offer a number of training programs for exciting career options found in aviation industry whether you are keen to pursue the career in aircraft pilot or aircraft electronics specialists or as in the air traffic controller. Aviation training meant for other careers can really lead to equally satisfying kind of employment opportunity. You could turn out a flight dispatcher; you can find a wide range of options when it comes to aviation career. Irrespective of the career option you are making, the very basic requirement you need to check is to find out a right kind of training program pertaining to aviation career. Choosing the best training program can really make the difference.

A competent institute for your training program in aviation 

As you can find a wide array of training programs available in the same you have hordes of training institute catering a wide range of programs for flying career. Considering the right institute can ensure you a quality and competent training program. Hence choosing one of the best institutes for your desired pilot training program becomes mandatory. A good quality institute turns out to be good when you have quality and competent instructors, good number of functional fleet, wide range of facilities and several other things. You need every element, which makes the institute par quality place to impart high quality institute. Hence choosing the right place for your training institute becomes very much vital.

Tips on finding out the right institute for your aviation training program 

Now, how to find out one of the best training institute, which caters quality training aviation program, turns out to be vital and you need to choose the right one. Well, in order to find out the right one, take your own time to research and find out the best one. Whether you find the list over the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo or get it from your friends through references, make sure you personally research the institute and check every factor, which makes the institute par. Check the instructors, it should be of par quality in terms of knowledge, experience and expertise, similar should be the case of fleet and the campus of the aviation institute.

Learn and master the flying skills with passion and courage 

When it comes to choosing the program and institute, it should be par as discussed above. Now, once you have admitted in the right institute to a course as per your desire, it’s time to learn and master the flying skills the best. All you are supposed to do is to learn and explore the training programs with all passion and interest then only you would be able to learn and hone the flying skills. Make sure you take up your flying lessons with right interest and take efforts in learning and mastering the skills in a right sense and attitude. Then only you would prepare yourself the best in order to finish the training on time and with par quality.

Enjoy a lucrative career 

The job and career in aviation is really very much lucrative. Once you complete the flying training program on time and end up getting the commercial pilot license, your door to make a good career in aviation open up. All you need to do is to start applying for the job offer with confidence and courage. This can land you up to a right place, which helps in getting some of the best career in the world. With a good training and right opportunity, you simply end up making big in your flying career.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bluebird flight academy Aircrafts

Bluebird flight academy have own aircrafts. They all are the our aircrafts pictures.
Diamond 42(Twin star)
Cessena 182
king Air
Cessena 172
Piper seneca ll (PA34-200T)
cessena 152

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Who wants to fly? Bluebird starting a new batch

Blue Bird Academy is a known aviation school in Canada, which deals with a number of pilot training programs. Since its inception, the institute has been a recognized flight training school, which renders its training with the state of art facilities and best kind of teachers and instructors. If you are aspire to fly high in air and want to make your career out of it then becoming a commercial pilot can be the right option for you. For this you certainly need the right institute, which cater quality programs that help in grooming and shaping you the best pilot of the world. Luckily, you have one in the name of Blue Birth Academy, which is known to offer some of the best and quality aviation programs. If you want to be the one, enroll for the forthcoming aviation program, which can help in getting into the career of flying.

Join now, you have the new batch starting for pilot programs
You don’t have to wait long for joining any commercial or recreation pilot programs at Blue Bird Academy, as soon, you can find the institute embarking with the fresher’s batch for various categories. All you need to have is the right eligibility criteria to be fulfilled by you and the will power to be in the air at the top to fly like pilot. Check before the seats get occupied and you miss the turn to finish your course.  As per the norms of Transport Canada, CAAC, JAA and DGCA requirements Blue Bird Academey is counted among the best flying schools in the country. It is nationally accredited and thus is among the highly recognized flight schools. The aviations programs as conducted by the institute simply help the students to get Commercial or Private Pilot Licenses, along with Instrument Rating,  Multi Engine Rating, Recreational License in the required amount of time frame.

Why Blue Bird Academy?
The answer to this question comes in the form of detailed and comprehensive way. Let’s start with the location of this school; well Blue Bird Academy is based at Chillwack Airport, which is based in BC in Canada. The location is known to have one of the best and ideal weather conditions, which remain soothing and convenient all the time. This simply means that your training would never be hampered due to bad weather. The weather conditions remain constant the entire year, without going too extreme to hamper your flying training programs.  This is among the basic reason, why you need to opt for this institute in order to have your best flying training in place. The other few reasons would come in the other forms, which are discussed under other headlines as below.

Comprehensive aviation programs
Once you qualify in your basic physical and medical requirements, you are free to apply for the desired aviation programs. At Blue Bird Academy, you have different programs, which include the Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL), BBFA cadet Training and the Recreational License programs. All these programs are designed to cater the needs of pilots, which help them in honing the best flying skill sets and knowledge. Regardless of your course choice, the institute ensures to the fact that you get one of the best flying training, which make you competent enough to fly the respective flying machines. A competent team of pilots, aviation experts and senior instructors are behind designing various aviation programs, which you find in Blue Bird Academy. 

Experienced Instructors to cater best training
One of the most striking features of any flying school is the trainers or instructors who all are behind training and educating the trainee pilots. If any institute fails to have competent and experienced instructors, you are certainly going to get the right training for your flying program. Fortunately, at Blue Bird Academy, you have one of the best team of instructors and trainers who have tangible amount of flying experience in different flying companies. They are a perfect blend of flying skills, knowledge and experience, which together make them the right resource for your flying training program.

Better facilities and state of art infrastructure

The other reason to opt for a flying course in Blue Bird Academy is the presence of high end facilities and state of art infrastructure. The students get the best resources here, which help in getting the best flying training. The fleets found in this institute are completely functional and up to date, which makes them the right medium of training and development. Thus you get nothing but the best, when you join any aviation training program at Blue Bird Academy. So what are you waiting for, go get the enrollment before the batch gets full. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Bluebird academy a trustworthy flying school for aspiring pilots.

Bluebird Academy is one of the leading Flying schools in Canada, which enjoys a good track record of training many recreational and commercial pilots from the home country and other nations as well.  The aviation school since its inception has focused on quality aviation training programs, which has established itself as a trustworthy name in Canada for the aspiring pilots. Right from the commercial pilot training to the recreational ones, Bluebird Academy has been fruitful for training a wide range of pilots not only from Canada but students from other nations as well.  

With some of the best facilities, experienced trainers and instructors and good number of functional and quality fleet, Bluebird Academy has carved its niche in this domain as a reliable and trustworthy school for aspiring pilots. Being based at Chilliwack, which happens to be the ideal location in terms of weather conditions, the institute has left no stone unturned to bring out some of the best flying professionals, which are easily placed high in different Airline companies leading this sector. 

In a short span of time, the institute has established itself as one of the leading players in the aviation training and education sector. You can find one of the most experienced and skilled instructors training the pilot students. Plus the fleet you find here are of par quality, which conform to the international benchmark of aviation industry, thus making the training an enjoyable and fruitful experience.  As far as facilities and infrastructure is concerned, it is equipped with the state of art of amenities, which makes the training up to the mark. 

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Blue bird flight academy a leading institute to get your commercial pilot license

Indeed one of the lucrative careers in aviation belongs to the Commercial pilots. As you see more and more airline companies embarking in the aviation market, the need and scope of finding the right commercial pilot seems to be going up. The pilots with experience and expertise have no constraint for lucrative offers in the industry. One thing, which matters a lot is the right institute, which is known to give the right training and hone the skills required to prosper in aviation world. One such institute is - Blue bird flight academy.
There are many reasons why you need to rely over Blue Bird Flight Academy. The institute has one of the best and highly qualified faculty members. The instructors are highly qualified and experienced ones, which render quality training and personalized as per the individual goals and objectives of the students.   As far as the fleets are concerned, they seem to be par in terms of maintenance and quality, which makes them all certified to render you 24 x 7 operations. The onsite maintenance facilities simply ensure minimum amount of delays in your flight training. 
As far as the infrastructure and campus is concerned, it is one of the best place armed with all the required facilities and amenities required by the student. The location of the institute is par and ideal for your flight training. The weather conditions also are suitable here, which makes it a suitable place for undergoing the aviation training program at Blue bird flight academy. In other words, it is a blend of experienced instructors, high quality fleet and state of art infrastructure.
Since the inception, the institute is known to posses one of the best flight academies, which is popular for rendering advance level flight training programs. The instructors are highly qualified, while the staffs are committed the best in rendering one of the best and highest levels of training to the students. As far as the location is concerned, it is based at one of the ideal locations called the Chilliwack, wherein the weather conditions are excellent. During all the seasons in Canada, this place comprises of a perfect weather condition, which is encouraging for people to fly high over the sky.
So, in nutshell, Blue Bird Academy is one of the leading names in flying schools in Canada, which is a blend of competitive infrastructure, qualified and experienced instructors and good quality fleet, which play the best part in imparting the right training and education to the concerned students.  So, if you are willing to pursue the commercial or recreational flying training programs, Blue Bird Academy is among the leading names in the country.  So, the next time if you or any of your family or friend is interested in pursuing the flying career, you have one name at the top – The Blue Bird Academy.