Friday, 28 March 2014

How To Become A Pilot?

Pilot is a person who has many life's behind his back , so many people are trusting him while flying , too many life's are dependent on him , so it's very very important pilot had been trained well to handle different kind aviation situations . That is why it's always said a pilot needs to learn flight training from best pilot schools .

Steps to become a pilot ?

1. First step is to under go a medical examination with the local medical authority , this helps you to judge whether you are fit or not .
2. Second step search for a good flight school and enrol .
3.start your flight training toward first solo , this can be attained in about 12-17 flight hours , in about 15 days
4. After solo cadet start working towards attaining PPL which takes about 2 months extra with another 40-45 flight hours
5. Night rating can be attained in week with 10 extra flight hours
6. After night rating students start s with the license training he / she is majorly training for commercial pilot license , this would take another 2-3 months with additional 65 flight hours 7. After attaining cpl student works towards attaining multi and ifr rating .

After the completion of above training one is a commercial pilot and can apply for a job with any regional , national  airlines , charter pilot , coop flying etc .

Apart from above cadet also has an option to under flight instructor rating and can work as a flight instructor pilot . In This cadet will have to under go 35 flight hours and 25 hours ground training . This course could take upto 2/3 months .

A pilot is earning anywhere between 50000-65000 USD per Annum as an average salary and as the industry is growing salary packages are increasing day by day .

To become a good pilot it's important to choice the right flight school.