Thursday, 9 October 2014

Is Pilot training a difficult task in this world?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Yes for those people who are not competent and lack behind the requirement it poses behind anyone aspiring to become a pilot and no to the people who have the passion to fly high and can ready to do anything to master the flying skills and thus take up the career with new vigour and spirit. The fact remains very clear and vivid, the career of pilot is not any usual nine to five job, which we all do in different offices based in any conventional market. It is very much demanding, which often would ask you to fly the aircrafts with utter professionalism and responsibility for long and even extended hours. 

If you are into commercial flying then the airline companies do consider pilots who are skilled, committed and have clean track records than the ones, who are feeble, unprofessional and unproductive. After all, the job of flying in the air and taking countless passengers from one place to the other is really a difficult job to accomplish. Hence before you even think of joining the pilot training program, do keep in mind to check all the requirements of the job along with the attributes or skills you need to develop while going for the commercial flying. Do keep in mind that commercial flying and recreational/leisure flying are two different things. You cannot just mix them together and call the same to as one. 

Also, whether the pilot training happens to be difficult or simple would also depend upon the institute you join for the training programs. Joining competent flying schools like Blue Bird Flight Academy can really make the learning simple and effective. This school has a competent staff with flying expertise and knowledge backed by years of experience in this sector. In addition, in terms of infrastructure and quality of fleet, this institute turns out to be very good. Hence, the flying school you join would also make the difference in your pilot training. In nutshell, if you have the passion of flying high and have the competence to do so, no one can stop you to join the career of commercial flying.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

What are benefits to join bluebird flight academy?

The career of flying is very much lucrative provided you have the passion of flying high in the sky and toy with adventure. If flying high appeals you then opting for career of commercial pilots is really a wise choice. For this, you need an effective training program being catered by competent people. Also, for people who are willing to fly in the sky for pleasure do have to undergo the training. When it comes to Aviation training programs in Canada, one name that surfaces at the top- Blue Bird Flight Academy (BBFA).  This flying institute is known for catering quality training to a number of students not just from Canada and but also from other nations. It has the record of accomplishment of training countless pilot students, which today are securing higher and better positions in different aviation companies. The fact is you can enjoy loads of benefits by enrolling different flying programs with this institute. How about checking them as under: 

Better infrastructure

For smarter and better training for flying machines, you are supposed to be backed with good resources and infrastructure. Luckily, BBFA, is blessed with tangible infrastructure, backed with quality all the amenities and facilities, which together help the student pilots to enjoy a good training. Indeed this quality infrastructure is nothing but an important resource, which helps the trainers to hone the flying skills and get quality training from the institute. Having said that, the Blue Bird Flight Academy is blessed with all these features, which together play an important role in training and grooming the student’s pilot for various type of flying – including the personal and commercial flying. Thus a quality infrastructure and tangible set of amenities and facilities found in this institute turns out to be an important benefit for the student pilots.

Comprehensive training programs

Once you enter this institute addressing all the requirements, the training program you choose would depend upon your requirement. In case, if you want to fly the aircrafts for leisure and pleasure then opting for programs like Private Pilot License would suffice, however, if you are keen to fly for commercial reasons they you need to apply both for this program followed by the other called commercial pilot license. Regardless of your choice, at BBFA, you get the access of high quality and comprehensive training programs, which makes the learning easy and effective for the pilot trainees. 

Experienced instructors and trainers

One of the other important benefits you enjoy with BBFA is that you get the access of high quality trainers and experienced faculty members. Indeed, the presence of such trainers and instructors really play a pivotal role in training and grooming for any aviation program in any flying institute. Blue Bird Flight Academy is known for having instructors with sizeable amount of experience in flying and training students. They have comprehensive knowledge about flying aircrafts, which they leave no stone unturned to transfer the same to their students, thus adding wings to their existing flying skills and knowledge. 

Good facilities

The other important benefit you enjoy with joining any aviation program at BBFA is the accessibility of better and smarter facilities. The fleet discovered at this institute are of par quality and functional, which in turn become an important resource of learning. Secondly, the institute is backed with quality resources, which comes in the form of rich library, 24x7 internet connectivity and other similar stuff that play an important role in your aviation training.  In other words, you enjoy a wide range of benefits by joining Blue Bird Flight Academy.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Beatiful reviews written by a bluebird flight academy student.

I am David Lawer, I am working as first officer in one of the leading Malaysian Airlines company. Thanks to Blue Bird Flight Academy, which helped me to pursue my dreams to fly high and make a comfortable career of commercial pilot. I remember the first day when I visited this institute with a view to find out how this institute is and whether it would be worthy to go for a CPL program here in Blue Bird. With little interaction and a peep inside the school really helped me know that I am at the right place for my said training. 

The program I pursued for my commercial pilot license program was intense and comprehensive and in just 7-8 months I was able to achieve my set goals, which opened up the gates to a lucrative career of flying commercial flights. Though I had covered by PPL at some other institute, but now I regret for not joining this course too at Blue Bird. All my ideas and concepts pertaining to flying and the technical stuff were clear here. Thanks to the competent and experienced instructors found here, which left no stone unturned to train me as per my whims and fancies. 

The environment here is very much friendly and congenial, thanks to the decent staff and instructors, which together groom and trains the pilot students in one of the best ways. I remember, all my co-students are now well placed with successful completion of their commercial pilot license program. So, friends, I highly recommend BlueBird Flight Academy as the number one flying school in Canada. Go for it for having some of the best and lucrative career in commercial flying.


Thursday, 11 September 2014

What is the facility provides by a good pilot training school?

A professional course like aviation career doesn’t really end up with training and education but it goes beyond the formal education. The aviation industry has grown exponentially these years, hence if you are keen to make career in this field you are supposed to find out a right training program at a competent aviation school. However, any school you choose turns out to be good only in terms of facilities, resources and quality trainers. The facilities you get in these pilot training schools really help you a lot in honing the flying skills the best. Well, let’s check what facilities can make the pilot training school the best as under: 

Best spaces for learning

Any pilot training institute should comprises of different spaces that can help you in learning and training in the aviation sector. Your aviation school should have compulsorily these spaces, which include auditoriums, conference rooms, seminar halls, audio visual equipped rooms, computer training tools, and dry labs. Besides there are certain other spaces that comes under the support spaces including library, convenience store, bookstore, cafeteria, infirmary, etc. Besides for management you need to have in the school the spaces like admin support spaces, which should comprise of admin offices and general storage. All these spaces have different roles in engaging and training the pilot students in the institute. Hence whenever you have to choose any training school, make sure you check the space you in the training institute should be backed by these learning and management spaces.  

Technological connectivity

Technology has simply turned out to be indispensable tool for industry, education and business. There are many training programs, which require the right amount of technology infrastructure. With the help of technology, you can now connect with experts in aviation based in anywhere in this world. Hence any competent training institute of aviation would always have IT spaces, which has round the clock wi fi connection along with things like fast speed internet, which helps in connecting various resources available in this world for learning to fly high in the sky. At the same time, you can find a wide range of software and hardware technological stuff, which can help you in getting the training the best. The technological connectivity can be called as an important facility for the students aspiring to become commercial pilot


It is also one of the form or facility found in any training institute, which can help in getting efficient training environment especially for the pilot students. The signage simply comprises of directories for simple navigation, clear designation, support spaces and right routine of different activities. There are many facilities that have extended hours and generally found in the open campuses. When any student is unmonitored, right trespassing notices, key spaces with right exteriors and post building hours, etc, this falls under the facility. These services are more competent for people with certain allergies and disabilities, which is more relevant at times for the instructors of the institute. 

Security and occupant safety

The institute you consider should be known to implement the security measurements that are based over the protection yardsticks, which can help in security the facility occupants and the assets like computer and other equipments. You need to check the standoff distance, access control strategies, right entrances with regulated entry, proper exit routes during emergency, and similar other things, which can really make things better for you. The premises you have in the aviation school should be known to have the right safety and security elements that can keep it away from lethal things and unwanted problems. 

Operation and Maintenance

The training facilities are known to have varied hours and the right occupancy rate that can hamper the facilities, operation and maintenance routine programs. The institute should have the facility management program, which can help in sorting out the problems and issues that come along in the way of students and other people working in it. The institute should carry have the customer dial care services, the right building equipment, compatible and competent premises that can help in keeping the things better for you. Besides, the programs you run for a number of students for pilot training should have a right kind of syllabus with right amount of allocation that can help in getting the best training.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Finding Best flying club?

The flying clubs is considered to be doing the gangbusters, which makes anyone a complete a geek and push you as an all together complete throttle. The role of flying clubs is to help and render resources to the aspiring pilots who in turn want to make their career in commercial flying. These places also act like a an important resource hub helping people to arm yourself with the right flying skills and thus end up making things better in your career. For this you are supposed to find out one of the best and competent flying clubs. Let’s check some of the best tips and tricks to find out the best flying club as under:

Find out over the search engines

One of the best ways to find out a right flying clubs comes over the search engines including Google, Yahoo or Bing. All you are supposed to do is to type the right kind of keywords over the search bar so that you end up finding out the right and best kind of flying clubs in Canada. Check the list of these clubs list and find out the right kind of option so that you end up finding out the right kind flying club.

Check for references

The references are also one of the key options of finding out the right kind of flying club in your chosen area. You can think of getting the references from people like your friends, family, neighbors, etc. who has been associated with the flying clubs lately or currently. He or she who is related to any flying club can be the right position to recommend you the best flying clubs in Canada. If you have the option of getting the right reference you can certainly think of check for the references.






Check the feedback and review sites

There are many websites, which deal with reviews and feedback about the number flying clubs and aviation institutes and schools. These sites can help you give the right flying club for you as per the experiences of people associated with different clubs. People associated with different clubs come down to these sites and end up writing down different views and ideas about the review websites.

Check the resources and people in the flying clubs

The flying clubs, which you are trying to find out for enhancing you’re flying skills the most would depend upon the kind of resources it is known to have. The flying clubs should be known to have the right kind of resources in terms of flying clubs and professional people in it. All these can prove out to be instrumental in making things better for you and for your training in flying.

Wrapping up

The flying clubs are simply favored by both the new and veteran pilots as one of the inexpensive option to pursue their pastime in a wide range of airplanes and aircrafts. There are number of clubs that cater initial instruction to a number of student pilots along with the clubs fly in activities and several other events, which support and help in things like general aviation and building up the community. So, when it comes to finding out the right flying club the above points can help you in finding the right club.