Monday, 11 August 2014

Get your Commercial pilot license in India to secure your best future

The pilot’s job is highly competitive and specialized. It simply requires the knowledge of air navigation, certain meteorological report interpretation, operating sophisticated, managing mechanical controls and carrying out the aircraft under certain adverse conditions. Being a commercial pilot, you would be responsible for the passengers, the aircraft and crew. So you should have discipline, responsibility, patience, commitment, self confidence and punctuality. At the same time you need to put loads of your hard work, alertness, stamina, good spirit and strict and difficult schedules to follow. Other vital features include the emotional stability found in crisis situations, which can help you to be a good commercial pilot. If you have these features, you can certainly think of entering into this domain. Well, let’s check how you can become a commercial pilot in India in the following paragraphs:

The basic requirements 

There are certain basic requirements, which you need to fulfill in order to enter into this field. This includes completing your 10+2 having at least 50 percent in subjects like Maths, physics and English. You are supposed to be at least 18 years of age for applying for the commercial pilot license. Your vision should be perfect, which is called as 6/6 eyesight in terms of medical terminology. The general physical fitness is compulsory and you should be free from the medical ailments and normal function, you should be able to clear the written exams and the medical examination. Once you suffice all the basic requirements, you can then apply for the relevant training program, which can train and groom you for facing the exam of commercial pilot license. Once you have the license you are free to apply at any airlines company for the position of commercial pilot. 

Crack the entrance exam 

Once you complete your Class 12th with Maths and Physics, you are first supposed to have the private pilot license. Once you have, you not have the chance to apply for the training program of commercial license. For this you are supposed to crack the written exam. For this you need flying experience of PPL and qualify the medical test as per the norms of AFCME (New Delhi) or IAM (Bangalore). The test is based on the air regulations, aviation metro-logy, technical planning, air navigation, etc. These exams are organized six times a year. The actual flying experience you need would be around 250 hours of total flying time.

Joining the right training institute 

Once you crack the exam for the CPL, you are supposed to take admission in any flying institute as affiliated by the DGCA, which is a regulatory authority dealing with aviation training, controlling and management of this sector. This body only organizes the exam a couple of times, which you need to crack to enter into any institute for the training program. Once you enter the institute you are supposed to get 129 hours of flying training, which has to be completed in 250 hours of flying. The training facilities are available with different flying clubs in India, which included the one in Rae Bareilly and the other based in different places in the world including US, Canada, Europe, Gulf and Australia.

Qualify the CPL test 

Once you complete your training of commercial pilot license, you are supposed to apply for the license. For this you need to apply for the exam, which is based on the training and subjects covered in your aviation school. This includes both your written and practical, which you are supposed to clear to get the license for flying commercial aircrafts in India and abroad.  The actual flying time is 250 hours, which include 150 hours of solo, 25 hrs of cross country, 10 hr for instrument flying and the remaining 5 goes for the night flying.

The cost 

Usually the cost of the commercial license training program in India and even in abroad is often an expensive affair. As per reports, you need to invest minimum eight lakhs, which can even go up to around 15 lakhs. Once you complete your commercial pilot license training program, you have the option of even multiplying your flying hours, login for 750 hours of flight time, clear all the requisite papers and thus gain the license for senior commercial pilot.