Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Bluebird flight academy one of the best flying school in world?

Of a number of flying schools in Canada one name, which strikes the most is that of Blue Bird Flight Academy. It is a known group, which operates over the Chilliwack Municipal Airport (CYCW) based in British Columbia. It is located in a just few minutes towards the east of Vancouver. The airport to which this academy is attached is of par quality, licensed by the Transport Canada and carries complete runway lightings that help in a smooth 24 x 7 operation. The adjoining area of the airport is simply located to the right next over the flight training areas with different flights that are conducted via the surveillance of the local radar. Not only that it is located close to two international airports, which offer you NDB/VOR/ILS and GPS approaches and departures. 

The campus and infrastructure
The flying school is armed with all the modern facilities, and thus is competent enough to render the student pilots with all the required tools in order to complete the training par with quality and integrity. Having located near the Pacific Ocean the place Chilliwack gives you some of the best climate in the country, which makes it ideal for flight training and educational programs. The campus comes with different high end sections, which include the briefing rooms, flight planning room backed by internet facility, spacious and well equipped classrooms along with Kitchen and student lounge.

Highly qualified and experienced Faculty
Instructors and faculty members are the backbone of any flying school. Fortunately, Bluebird Flight Academy is blessed with some of the highly qualified and experienced faculty members and instructors. They have offered high quality full-fledged and custom training to countless students both in and outside Canada. The training programs conducted by the institute are par and comes with quality with the help of these high skilled and experienced teachers in the school.

The fleet and Simulators
When it comes to fleet of this flying school, it come par with quality and maintenance. You can find the most reliable and well maintained fleet of the aircraft, which are certified by the quality agencies to render 24 x 7 hour operations. The Onsite maintenance facilities simply assure you minimum amount of delays in the flight training. Some of the aircraft included in this flying school include Cessna 152, Cessna 172, and Piper Seneca II (PA34-200T). Besides, you the training simulators are high end and par with quality. These include . B200 – King Air 200, PA-34 Piper Seneca III, C 182-Cessna 182 RG and C 172-Cessna 172 R. 

High end student accommodations
The students enrolling for various training programs over this flying school enjoy plush and high end accommodations. It is newly constructed as per the norms of quality agencies. Here you can find a number of facilities for the students, which include a highly equipped kitchen serving quality food, unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity, Cable TV to enjoy different channels and entertaining programs, the in suit washer and dryer facility, etc. Not only that, the institute also offer the students different leisure activities like hiking, river rafting, skiing, etc. All in all Bluebird Flight Academy is one of the leading flying schools not only in Canada but all over the world.