Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Commercial Pilot License

CPL Or CommercialPilot License Is A License Which Most Of The Modern Day Individual Are Looking At Today In My Article I Would Like To Emphasis On The Minimum Qualification  For Cpl, Course Outline, License Attained During The Course, Countries Which Specialize In These Courses, Most Important Future Work Prospects . 

Minimum Qualification -

10+ 2 

Medical Certification from the Governing Medical Authority 

Usually Students Wanna Now Whether. Only Students Who Have PCM In There Grade 12 Can Become Pilots. Anyone Can Become a Pilot Having Mandatory PCM Is Not Mandatory .To be Frank There Is Not a Major Use of PCM in Pilot Training At All. 

 Course Outline -

In Order To Attain CPL One Has To Go Through Couple Of Steps. 

Firstly A Student Attains SPL, Then He Get Trained For PPL After Attaining PPL One Start With Night Rating, Further He Start His CPL Training And Complete It. 

Most Important CPL License Can Be Only Signed Off At Completion Of 200 Hours Of Flight Training, With Minimum Of 100 Hours Need To Be Solo Mandatory. 

Countries - It’s better to Complete Commercial Pilot License from Countries like Canada, USA. Especially Canada As The Flight Training Standard Are Excellent With Good Quality Of Flight Instructors, Well Maintained Fleet Available 24/7. 

 Future Job Prospects - 

 Pilot Jobs Are Also Of Different Kinds As Follow - 

Airline Pilot 

Charter Pilot 

Safety Pilot 

Navigator Pilot 

Flight Instructor 


Above Fields Need To Be Decide By A Student Depending On His/Her Interest Area. 
Most Importantly Pilot Is One of The Most Highly Paid Profession Is Today and Modern Day World. Annual Salary Varies Between 24-78 Lakhs Per Annum, Depending On Experience. 


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