Wednesday, 13 February 2013

International Students

Blue Bird Flight Academy welcomes students from every corner of the globe to have their training at international standards with upgraded teaching methodologies, hygienic accommodation and recreational facilities. Our courses are prepared for every land of this globe making the student fly under any of the aviation authorities after getting trained with us.
Our accelerated airline-training program AA-TP is designed to excel you through all the required skills and help leap you to the right seat of a cockpit in no time. The team that will guide you and teach you the required knowledge and hands on skills are a group of professionals that have been involved in aviation for years.
Our fleet consists of one state of the art fully IFR certified by transport Canada TC and the FAA Elite RC-1 flight simulator, this will help cut down on cost while giving you the required and additional experience and preparation for in-flight emergencies and advanced instrument instruction on all types of aircraft from single engine airplanes all the way up to med-sized turbine aircraft king air.
Our fleet Cessna 152's, Cessna 172's and Piper Seneca's are fully IFR equipped and certified aircraft, all well maintained to ensure you a safe and efficient flight.
Accommodations are also available for international students at a low cost, with student housing at (London Campus) only minutes from London International airport and (Vancouver Campus) Chilliwack Municipal Airport. To make matters even easier for our students a shuttle service will be provided by Blue Bird Flight Academy to the airport, all of this at your convenience.
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  1. Thanks shawn,
    Blue bird has an excellent fleet of aircraft available always for flying.

  2. Blue Bird really makes your dream true as a Pilot.

  3. I agree with you guys, best flight training unit.

  4. amazing picture , miss my flying days at BBFA

  5. In bluebird students coming from all over the world.